State of Franklin mysteries

Currently working on Badger Game, the first of the series.

ETA: April 2017.

Ex-journalist Alex Rutledge is trying not to let bitterness take over. Freshly divorced, freshly fired, and freshly overweight, he’s exiled to a strange place and reduced to driving a taxi. But he still has his reporter’s instincts.

Meghan Cole gave up lap dancing after a bad experience in a stranger’s apartment. Now a fire-breathing Christian, she goes to college and ministers to the dancers at her old strip club as a house mom. But she’s still haunted by her former persona and the baggage that came with it.

Besides forming an unlikely friendship, they get involved in a few mysteries here and there. It’s natural. Both see the dark side of human life, and both know the gossip. Even a relatively quiet place like the Tri-Cities (Johnson City, Kingsport, and Bristol) has its share of murder, blackmail, corruption, and general craziness:

Dallas Stearns, a rising star with the county planning department, is in charge of the biggest planned community Washington County has ever seen. But when he is blackmailed after an online hookup, Alex and Meghan uncover corruption all the way to the top of the county government and find answers to why [mtk]

Claire Haessler (aka Melissa) is not only in love with her hookup, but she’s just not right. But this is a lot more than a hookup; blackmail is the name of the game and Claire’s just following orders.

Land developer Jerry Crawford wants to build the biggest project the Tri-Cities has ever seen. He’s also used to getting his way and has lots of lowlife friends.

Lauren Earhardt-Stearns, Dallas’ cheated-on wife, is a high-powered attorney with a trust fund. She also has an agenda of her own … and a few secrets.

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