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Now writing State of Franklin Mysteries

East Tennessee Mysteries is a series of Christian thrillers set in the Tri-Cities area and surrounding hill country. Much edgier than your standard fiction of the genre, East Tennessee Mysteries blends likable but flawed (read: realistic) characters with taut story lines. Currently: In second draft of Badger Game. ETA late March, 2017. Check out my blog and progress reports here. Okay, it’s my Patreon page, but it’s the best place I could think of for it.

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 Author of The Beta Testers

This is a true story, and it happened five years from now. They’re working in an out-of-the-future facility, doing things that matter. But something’s wrong. Joni, Kevin and Lorraine put everything on the line to discover what they’re really beta testing. ** ***Get it in print through Createspace. *** *** *

Other books by Eric Pulsifer

bic-newestcover3 Braden is an outrageously talented musician who decides it’s time to grow up Karen writes and has the credentials to prove it, along with nagging self doubts. Robert paints portraits, landscapes, and … billboards. Only one of these pay the rent. After a series of adventures and lots of dysfunction, they reunite with a fresh challenge:
… “Here’s the deal. Each of us decides to ourselves what becoming a pro is all about. Then we do it. I’ll tell both you hairy-legged types what. I don’t care what you think, but I’m gonna be the first to make that jump …”  

A contest gone sideways. A corporate executive who stops at nothing to save his company. A reporter with a chip on his shoulder. A retired homicide cop with a mission. A secretary who knows too much. Result: Damage control taken to new levels. Including murder?    

Desert Vendetta Riverbend, Arizona sits across the Colorado River across from Sagebrush, a Nevada town with a casino and not much else. The side-by-side towns grew from a rivalry between two powerful families – a rivalry that turns deadly. It’s up to misfit reporters Alfredo “Fred” Walker – a hard-drinking Tex-Mex on his way down – and the talented, Tennesseean Richard Lawrence to sort through the ever-growing mystery. Can they, along with card dealer Diana Cook and cocktail waitress Beth Rodgers, expose the high-level corruption without getting killed? * * * 

Plus multiple nonfiction titles …

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